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Happy Old Year!

This was my favorite YouTube flick of 2006.  Thanks to the queens on my rugby team for pointing it out!



Happy New Year!

And to kick off the new year, I bring you the adventures of Charlie the Unicorn.

Oh.  My.  God.  Magical Leopluridons!  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas, Ga’chong-hu! ***

I called my family to wish them a Merry Christmas: John in San Fran with his family, my Auntie Tina & Uncle Chuck in Buck’s County, with my cousins and their families (Chuck, Brian, Barb, & Cathy), my brother James in San Fran, and my Mom & Dad & Sister, Teo, on Guam.

It was funny … everyone I talked to immediately went into what they were having for dinner.  Turkey seemed to be a common theme.  Pumpkin pies and apple pies.  But staples like Red Rice, Chicken Kelaguen, Beef Kelaguen (see Chicken Kelaguen, only with nearly raw beef … not for the faint of heart), Barbecued spare ribs, and ham.

We’ll be having ham, deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes, and all the Ethel-drool you can stomach, here in Michigan. 

I love the holidays, and I love that I’m spending it with Boyfriend’s sister and her family.  I think next year, though, we’re going to have to Guam-it-up and get some of the Guamish dishes at the dinner table.  Guamaniac is a good cook after all, yo!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their families, and filling up on tremendous amounts of delicious food!  See you in the New Year, if not sooner!

*** Ga’chong-hu is Chamorro for “my friend(s)”.  Chamorro is the name of the native language and the native people of Guam.

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