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Fly! Eagles, Fly!

The Wildcard game was a wild one, indeed! Total nail-biter!

I didn’t really follow professional football growing up, although I did play football in high school. I started playing my Junior year, after a couple of the incoming Senior class recruited me into it, saying that I would be perfect (because of my size). I started out in the defensive line, at Nose Guard, and eventually ended up on the offensive line as starting Center. I ended my Senior Year season being selected to the Second-Team, All-Island!

The one thing about professional football that I remember fondly, is that we always got Superbowl Monday off … that’s right … Superbowl Monday. You see, Guam is 14 hours ahead of the East Coast, so when game time is 7pm on Sunday, it’s actually 9am on Monday on Guam. Cool huh?

I went to an all-boys Catholic High-School (for most of my high school career … long story), and by some strange coincidence, they always scheduled the first Teacher’s Record Day of the 3rd Quarter on the same day as the Super Bowl. The rumor was that since nearly half the student body would call out sick on Superbowl Monday, the administration might as well give the day, preemptively.

Anyway, I never really paid attention to pro-football except on those days, and never really understood what the hullabaloo was. After meeting Boyfriend, though, I can totally understand the allure! He is really into the Eagles, and game day has become a sort of family affair around the house.

Boyfriend and I had a few friends over to watch today’s Eagles v. NY Giants, in glorious HD with 5.1 surround sound. Ted is a looooong-time Eagles fan, and I’m a recent addition to the fold.

We had a half-dozen of our rugby friends over, all of whom are gay. I had to take Ethel out for her post-dinner walk, and I was contemplating how “mainstream” we were acting. I mean, we had home-made Spicy-Garlic chicken wings, warm Queso dipping sauce with Baked Tostito’s, chicken and cheese taquitos, Pear-flavored hard cider … and Coors Light.

From an outside observer’s perspective, we could have been just like any other neighborhood gameday party, with a bunch of the guys hanging around the big TV.

Until you have a closer listen to some of our conversations:

Oh my god!  Who is that guy with all the tattoos?  You know the blonde one…number 80? — That’s Shockey … he’s sooooo hot!

I’m so glad we don’t have to wear those super-tight uniform pants … no one would want to see *that* on the rugby field.

Eli Manning looks like he’s going to cry … I just want to hold him and tell him it’ll all be okay.

Jeff Garcia is *sooooo* gay!

We, on the other hand, are obviously *soooooo* butch!


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