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Weigh-in: 292.2

This’ll be quick ’cause work is like busier than it’s ever been, with all the Hardware installs and the like.

I’m down to 292.2! That’s almost two-thirds of the way done with Phase 1, and I couldn’t be happier!

Phase 1:

Pounds: 19.9 / 31.2 (64%)


Weigh-in: 296.3

(UPDATE: Originally posted on 7/10, but forgot to click Publish!)

 It has been a dog’s age since I last posted a progress report about Project Joe Gets Fit. I have to say, it have been reluctant to get on the scale, mostly because I was sure I hadn’t lost any weight, and probably more trepidatiously, sure I had gained weight, too!

Last week was a holiday weekend, and the gym was closed on Wednesday. The week before, I was in Seattle for a meeting with the Windows Live Team at Microsoft. My Dieting skillz usually are hampered while travelling.

I did go to the gym a handful of times (even at the Hotel’s fitness center while in Seattle).

Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose any more weight? Yes. Am I angry at myself? Only partly.

The reality is that I didn’t gain any weight back, which means that I’m still making healthy choices for my diet, and burning just enough calories in exercise to make up for the calorie-binging. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m still committed to completing the phases of this Project ON-TIME!

I talked to my brother, John, briefly a couple of times over the last few months. He’s quite proud of my progress, which to me is very high praise considering how fit I believe John is (although he keeps maintaining that he’s out-of-shape, blah blah blah). I don’t believe that for a second considering he’s in the Army! They don’t let their peeps get out of shape. Thanks for the support John! Come home safe!

Weigh-in: 296.4

It’s has been a couple of weeks since I’ve weighed-in, mostly because I’ve been hellishly busy at work (summertime isn’t the slow-time in Higher-Ed that you’d expect).

As I jumped onto the scale (with Adelman in tow for moral support this time), I was hoping that I would be just under 300 pounds. Okay, “hoping” isn’t the right word. I was mentally sacrificing goats to the weight-loss aspect of Athena (forgive me, I’ve been playing God of War 2 lately), praying heavily to the Christian God, and even silently sending my energies to the Earth Mother in the hopes that I would have finally broken 300.

Needless to say, I was elated! As Scott says, “Eat Less and Move More” and you’re guaranteed to lose the weight.

Thanks to everyone for their tremendous support. A special shout-out goes to Boyfriend for his encouragement along the way, but mostly for his scheduling flexibility; he’s been very gracious in taking care of taking Ethel out for her afternoon walk while I workout at the gym. ILOVEUHUNNEE!

Phase 2, here I come!

Phase 1:


Pounds: 15.7 / 31.2 (50%)

Weigh-in: 303.7

It’s a good day today (except for the weather of course…it’s a scorcher!) The recommitment worked!

I have been going to the gym like a mad-person. Also, portions have been smaller and generally healthier (brown rice when we do have rice, lots of lean/grilled meats, and an exemplary amount of salad).

One sad casualty of this project, though, has been Maya. While I’m with Scott in that I don’t necessarily *like* going to the gym, once I’m there, I feel pretty good about myself once I’m there. I never really felt that way about Maya; she’s an evil, unsympathetic, automaton (naturally).

In any event, I am very proud of myself! Slow and steady…so far so good…it’s a marathon not a sprint…and all that!

Additionally, the “scenery” in the gym is much more pleasing!

Phase 1:


Pounds: 8.4 / 31.2 (26%)

Weigh-in: 305.7

It’s a sad day for Project Joe Gets Fit, my personal journey to better fitness and better health.

Well, not really a sad day. Just because I gained back half-a-pound, doesn’t mean that I should give up and forget about the whole thing, right?!?

Weight isn’t the only thing to measure. While it did go up a smidgen, I have vastly improved in other areas.

  • I am now up to 14 minutes on the Elliptical machine, coupled with 7 minutes on the treadmill for a total of 21 minutes of cardio pre-weight training.
  • I added a 3-5 minute run on the treadmill after each weight-lifting routine.
  • Scott has now joined me for a couple of weight exercises after his lengthy jaunts on the cardio machines.
  • Rugby Sevens has started up this summer, which gives me an opportunity to do some intense cardio outdoors.

I did let my diet slip a little this week. My best friends (otherwise known as the MeiMeis) convinced me to go to a buffet dinner on Sunday. I didn’t eat as much as I have in the past at a buffet, but I did overeat. I have been overeating at dinner time, too, and I think it’s mostly because by the time I get home from the gym I’m too hungry to make good portion decisions, and also because when I cook dinner for myself, it’s usually enough for four people so it’s hard to portion control when you can just go back for seconds and thirds.

Maya has also been given the slip lately. Last night, I was just too tired to spend time with her, and on Tuesday, I was at rugby practice which I used as a substitute for Maya. She’s going to berate me when I see her next, I just know it!

So where does that leave me? Recommitment Time! I will Eliminate the opportunities to go back for second and third helpings, which means no more buffets, and cooking for two (Hi, Boyfriend!)

The gym has been good to me so far, and it’s quite nice that Boyfriend has offered to take Ethel out just before he goes to work, which allows me to get to the gym right after work rather than trekking back and forth. I will be sure to include a healthy snack after my workout routine to hopefully take the edge off of hunger.

That’s all for now. RECOMMITMENT TIME!

I’ve lost 560,000,000 Internets so far!

From Amazon’s blog, a researcher tried to figure out how much the Internet Weighs. According to his calculations, the Internet weighs about 0.2 millionths of an ounce. Given that, I’ve lost the equivalent of 560M Internets!


Weigh-in: 305.2

The train just keeps on going. I was somewhat trepidatious for this week’s weigh-in. I felt like I had gorged on a little bit too much rice (the anti-food for Project JGF). Also, the gym on-campus was closed for most of this week. Maya (my favorite digital fitness instructor) and I had a 45-minute workout session to make up for Wednesday’s normally scheduled gym day. You think that 45 minutes with a literally unreal trainer would be cake? Oh no. Maya introduced me to the most challenging of workouts I’ve had so far.


I kid you not. I was in Warrior 1, Triangle 1 & 2, and Moon pose (along with the prereq kicks, knee lifts, and double step-touches), for a good long time, and I’ve never sweated so much in my life! At the end of each workout, Maya tells you approximately how many calories you’ve burned. In this yoga workout, it came to about 407, in other words, nearly double any other workout I’ve had with her, for only 50% more time!

I had thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing and not necessarily a workout, but boy was I wrong!

In any event, my schedule this week was like this: Gym on Monday, 30-minute-Maya on Tuesday, 45-minute-VinyasaMaya on Wednesday, 15-minute-Maya on Thursday (she was lucky I showed up at all), Friday off, and then Gym today (8:30am with Scott!).

I hopped on the scale after my workout, and am pleased to report that I have lost another 2.1 pounds. Go me! Am I having fantasies of looking like Andy Roddick on the cover of this month’s cover of Men’s Fitness (btw, the most body-fascist, misogynistic, and heterosexist rag I’ve ever read)?

Kinda…I don’t want to look like Andy Roddick. I want to….well……what I would say is not fit for mixed company.

Phase 1:


Pounds: 7.0 / 31.2 (22%)

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