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Cabbage Go!

My brother John amazes me with his uncanny ability to play with words.  One of my first memories of that was when we were going to hop in a car together and head out shopping (or something), back on Guam.

There was  no K-mart on Guam back then; it’s a recent addition to the shoreline.

“Cabbage go,” he exclaimed, emphatically.

I put on my best quizzical look and responded, “What the H-E-double-hockey sticks does that mean?” (we were young back then, afraid of the H-word).

“You know?  Lettuce go! Let…us…go.”

Pure brilliance. Yesterday, I got a gift in the mail from John with this gift-tag missive.  It was shipped from so I didn’t know right away who it was from.  The language of the gift-tag was cryptic, too.  What clued me in to the sender was the name, “Tomassie”.  That’s my neice’s nickname, John’s daughter, Tomasa.

The Organizational structure of the Frigid Northern Cardinal Extreme deem you worthy of character for an electromagnetic asset.

 — Santa – Tomassie

Loosely translated from John-ese:

Santa and his elves from the North Pole say you’re nice and deserve this gadgety present.

Merry Christmas, John, and thanks for the gift and the fond memories!  I won’t open it until Christmas Day…I promise.  😉


Please be a C++ GUI Programming Guide!

I lost my virginity today…my iPod virginity you dirty birds!

Scott had two iPods…a 5.5Gen and a 2Gen Shuffle. He wasn’t using the Shuffle, and I had recently made it known that I was in the market for a Shuffle, and voila! A half-a-Benj later, pure Kismet. The exchange was made!

My first, ever, iPod!

Sadly, my iPod is not a virgin; I had to settle for sloppy seconds. Scott? What did you do to this cute little box-o’-music? What did it ever do to you? Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from the Philadelphia Department of iPods and Families, the municipal agency responsible for investigating reports of iPod abuse. Myleen Andres***, Agency Coordinator, has got your number.

My first impression was that it’s a whole lot smaller than I thought it would be. I mean, I’ve seen the new “Put on some Music” ads for the 2G Shuffle (in glorious Hi-Def, I might add…kudos to Apple for releasing Hi-Def commercials!), but I guess I didn’t get the full sense of its proportions. Step 1 is to install iTunes, and subscribe to all of those NPR podcasts that I love to listen to!

Actually, Step 1 is to purchase some headphones; the package didn’t include them (she’s used, after all). I’ve got my eye on some nifty Bose, in-ear jawns that I hope to audition and purchase soon.

***Myleen Andres is a fictional name, and not affiliated with any municipal agency that I am aware of. If you get a phone call from her or the Philadelphia DiF, it is a gremlin.

[UPDATE: iTunes + iPod Shuffle doesn’t work in Windows Vista.  Luckily, I have access to a plethora of non-Vista machines, and was able to get transfer some podcast from one of them.  Mucho thanko to Scott-o for helping me get it up and running!]

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