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It’s so Frakkin’ Cool

So, yeah…I admit it. I’m a huge geek and love Love LOVE Battlestar Galactica on Sci-fi.

Tonight’s mid-season finale (what the frak is up with the 6-month-half-season-keep-us-waiting-for-six-weeks dealio!?!) was mind-blowing. Well, not mind-blowing in that “Oh! Shit!” kind of way when you saw those new VW commercials for the first time…you know that ones where they are driving along, ho-hum, and then WHAM, they get hit by an oncoming Lincoln TownCar that just happened to ignore the traffic light. Not that kind of mind-blowing, but it was an all around great episode, leaving me wanting more, but not feeling empty and frustrated.

Something that some shows…[cough] Lost [cough]…don’t do well in the least bit.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers ahead! :GNINRAW

Anyway, I was sorely disappointed to see Apollo and Starbuck still getting it on…without ending their respective relationships. I can almost understand Starbuck getting all religious and saying that she can’t break the sanctity of marriage, and perhaps it’s believable that Apollo is willing to leave the comfort of his LT-wife, but come on! Could you find a better place to make out than in the shit-can-dog-crate-of-a-clunker that is the Raptor-class transport? I mean there was a nice overexposed algae-laced body of water just beyond the hills. That’s romance if I’ve ever heard it.

And don’t they need protection in the galaxy far far away (‘Wars fans are going to FUH-REEK!). Or perhaps they get inoculated during kindergarten against everything, including the Cylon Super Flu and the Clap.

The worst, really, though is the cuckolding of Anders and Dee. First of all, Anders is DROPDEADGORGEOUS. Second of all, you don’t play a sistah like that. They should say, “Frak all! We’re done with that game”. At least that’s what I’d do if I caught my hubby smooching with Brad Pitt…either that or deposit another Washington to continue the hidden-video feed.

And you thought I didn’t know sarcasm.

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