VMWorld 2007 – Day 1 First Impressions


The conference is totally awesome. – Joe
Geek nirvana, eh? Enjoy! – Boyfriend

So, I’m still being plagued by the timezone differences. I had planned on waking up at 630am, Pacific, but unfortunately, all the task reminders in Exchange are stamped with Eastern Time. So guess what happened at 5am? Yep…all the tasks that I normally get reminded for at 8am in Philly, woke me up in San Fran! Boyfriend wasn’t very happy, but you know…the mattress is a little lumpy, so it’s not like we were getting quality sleep anyway.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out some first impressions of the conference.

First off, it was extremely easy to get to via a quick hop on the San Francisco MUNI (read: subway, trolley), only a couple of stops away from the station entrance that is literally outside the door of the BnB.

I’ve never been to a big tech conference, so forgive me if I’m being a little be n00bie about it, but I couldn’t help but be impressed by all the HUGE signs that said, “hey this is VMWorld 2007…check yourself before you wreck yourself!”

Since I was up early, I arrived early to the event, so there was absolutely no line to get registered (in contrast to when Mike arrived 35 minutes later…the line was out the door). I grabbed my conference badge and picked up the “complimentary” marketing materials from VMware and their various conference sponsors.

The quick run-through the line was great because I was terribly hungry and wanted to spend some time getting acclimated and get some of the continental breakfast that was being served.

To my complete and utter glee, I was presented with the largest indoor recycling bin installation I have ever witnessed.

Reading a little bit more in the conference materials, there’s a whole page in the Conference Highlights section about the “Environmental Considerations at VMworld 2007”.

    We made a commitment this year to reduce the amount of printed materials and waste generated and recycle as much as possible at VMworld 2007.

It’s good thing, too, because you know what? They got full-rack installations of server and storage hardware running in at least three of the hands-on training classes. I noticed 60 Amp 208V connections, so assuming that they’re using, at minimum, 50% of the draw from those connections in each training class:

    60A * 208V * 0.5 = 6.240kVA = 6.2 kW * 3 installations = 18.720kW

Assuming these guys are going to be running at least for the duration of the conference:

     18.720kW * 96 hours = 1797.12kWh

So, not for nothing, VMware is reducing waste, but consuming some crazy energy resources!


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