Weigh-in: 296.3

(UPDATE: Originally posted on 7/10, but forgot to click Publish!)

 It has been a dog’s age since I last posted a progress report about Project Joe Gets Fit. I have to say, it have been reluctant to get on the scale, mostly because I was sure I hadn’t lost any weight, and probably more trepidatiously, sure I had gained weight, too!

Last week was a holiday weekend, and the gym was closed on Wednesday. The week before, I was in Seattle for a meeting with the Windows Live Team at Microsoft. My Dieting skillz usually are hampered while travelling.

I did go to the gym a handful of times (even at the Hotel’s fitness center while in Seattle).

Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose any more weight? Yes. Am I angry at myself? Only partly.

The reality is that I didn’t gain any weight back, which means that I’m still making healthy choices for my diet, and burning just enough calories in exercise to make up for the calorie-binging. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m still committed to completing the phases of this Project ON-TIME!

I talked to my brother, John, briefly a couple of times over the last few months. He’s quite proud of my progress, which to me is very high praise considering how fit I believe John is (although he keeps maintaining that he’s out-of-shape, blah blah blah). I don’t believe that for a second considering he’s in the Army! They don’t let their peeps get out of shape. Thanks for the support John! Come home safe!


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