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Weigh-in: 296.4

It’s has been a couple of weeks since I’ve weighed-in, mostly because I’ve been hellishly busy at work (summertime isn’t the slow-time in Higher-Ed that you’d expect).

As I jumped onto the scale (with Adelman in tow for moral support this time), I was hoping that I would be just under 300 pounds. Okay, “hoping” isn’t the right word. I was mentally sacrificing goats to the weight-loss aspect of Athena (forgive me, I’ve been playing God of War 2 lately), praying heavily to the Christian God, and even silently sending my energies to the Earth Mother in the hopes that I would have finally broken 300.

Needless to say, I was elated! As Scott says, “Eat Less and Move More” and you’re guaranteed to lose the weight.

Thanks to everyone for their tremendous support. A special shout-out goes to Boyfriend for his encouragement along the way, but mostly for his scheduling flexibility; he’s been very gracious in taking care of taking Ethel out for her afternoon walk while I workout at the gym. ILOVEUHUNNEE!

Phase 2, here I come!

Phase 1:


Pounds: 15.7 / 31.2 (50%)


Weigh-in: 303.7

It’s a good day today (except for the weather of course…it’s a scorcher!) The recommitment worked!

I have been going to the gym like a mad-person. Also, portions have been smaller and generally healthier (brown rice when we do have rice, lots of lean/grilled meats, and an exemplary amount of salad).

One sad casualty of this project, though, has been Maya. While I’m with Scott in that I don’t necessarily *like* going to the gym, once I’m there, I feel pretty good about myself once I’m there. I never really felt that way about Maya; she’s an evil, unsympathetic, automaton (naturally).

In any event, I am very proud of myself! Slow and steady…so far so good…it’s a marathon not a sprint…and all that!

Additionally, the “scenery” in the gym is much more pleasing!

Phase 1:


Pounds: 8.4 / 31.2 (26%)

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