Comcast Sucks!

Boyfriend and I are sitting here trying to watch the Eagles game on the 50″ Plasma we bought primarily to watch Hi-Def Eagles games (and Lost and Battlestar Galactica [geek holla!]).

I say trying because when you tune to FoxHD, Channel 234, we are greeted with a blue-screen that says:

    One Moment Please: The channel you have selected with be available shortly.

WTF?!? We waited the prerequisite moment, and nothing. Luckily, the TV in the bedroom has a cable-box, and Channel 234 gets received there. But again, I ask you, WTF, Comcast? I want FoxHD in the living room! This isn’t the first time Comcast has let us down, but it will be the first time it’s intersected Boyfriend’s love of the Eagles. The evening isn’t totally ruined, but…

On my list of things to do tomorrow now:

  1. Replacement DVR Box for the living room
  2. Rabbit ears for Over-the-Air HD reception (as a backup for Comcast)
  3. HDMI Cable to connect the new DVR Box (see 1.) to the TV.

Three words. Hell. To. Pay.


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