Puppies having a Wonderful Christmas Time!

Boyfriend-Partner-Puppy-Uncle-Daddy (aka Ted) and I made it out to Michigan, just outside of Toledo, where his Sister, Steph, and her family take up residence.  The weather isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be (it was nearly 60 when we pulled up), even though it was raining nearly the entire drive over from Philly.  We’re spending Christmas here, and leaving a few days afterwards.

One of my chief anxieties about this trip was how Ethel (the Puppy part of BPPUD) would interact with Baxter, Steph & Fam’s newly-adopted Beagle-mix.  First order of business upon arrival was to have the two pups meet in the backyard, on “neutral” ground, where the dogs could intermingle and get to know one another.

For those of you who don’t know, Ethel is a Newfoundland, which roughly equates to a huge black lump of fur, drool, and loveys.  And by huge, I mean she’s 140 pounds!

Now you might understand more my anxiety; if Ethel is anxious and unhappy, whole couches and lesser-mammalian-pets are in peril!

Anyway, we met in the backyard.  Dogs, especially well-socialized dogs, have this uncanny knack to just get along.  Quickly, Baxter and Ethel came to an understanding.

Ethel runs across the yard because she sees Baxter, a friendly looking non-human, four-legged, furry face.  She un-daintily galumphs a bit, so it’s understandable that Baxter sorta skitters away.

“Yeah, I know you’re three times my size, but that means I can run away very quickly and you won’t get to say hello,” said Baxter [I’m roughly translating; my canine vocabulary is that of a 3-month-old.]

“All I want is to gather information about you … keep still!”  Ethel garners reams of information from some butt-sniffing and crotch-sniffing.

“Okay, I’ll let you read my online-personality-profile, but if you push too hard, I’ll get up out of this lying-down-position-with-my-paws-in-the-air and cut you off,” Baxter said with his gently-waving tail and otherwise motionless body.

“Okay … you seem cool … are you ready to play?”  Ethel does a play bow.

“Wait … let me take a whiff of your puppy-parts, too.  Okay, yeah … I’m ready.”  Baxter play bows in response.  “Let’s go!”

They both scamper away happily, playing a nice and friendly game of keep-away-chase.

If only people could get along so easily.


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