Stream of Consciousness

While…driving along…during my last constitutional of the evening, I tried to remember that one word I heard or read earlier in the day that I hadn’t heard before and I wanted to know its definition.

I was reading a VMWare whitepaper on 802.1Q VLANs (GEEK ALERT!), and right smack dab in the middle of FAQ section was this phrase: “VLANs and IP Subnets are orthogonal.”

I was reading it on the bus ride home, so I quickly sent a text message from my celly to 46645 with “define orthogonal”.

Within moments I get the definition: “at right angles as in linear algebra”.

I thought about the last time I had use GOOGL to define a word I didn’t know, and it reminded me of Scott saying he wanted his “thirst slaked”.

I was convinced, then, that slaked wasn’t a word, so I whipped out the celly and FourSixSixFourFived “define slaked”.

It came back with: “calcium hydroxide”.

I was pretty good at Inorganic chemistry so I knew that a Calcium ion has a double-positive charge, so the chemical formula must be Ca(OH)2.

But isn’t a positively charged ion called a cation?

That made me giggle.

Cation is pronounced “cat-eye-awn”, not “kay-shun”.

Sometimes it’s fun to just let the mind meander.


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