World of Warcraft…you are out. Auf Wiedersehn.

Double-cheek kiss!  Left.  <mwah>.  Then right.  <mwah>.  You may leave the runway.

I downloaded World of Warcraft just to see if it would run on Vista Enterprise (<wink>) but also because I was interested in how they accomplished the whole client download issue.

Turns out they use a “torrent” of some kind, where other ‘Craft-zombies share some of their bandwidth so that other, unsuspecting, netizens become infected with the Blizzarius Virus.  I wandered around the starter Undead Race-region, killing off “Rabid Polygonal Fantasy Bats Level 3” and “Floating Undead Zombie Beast Skeleton Lich Minion Slaves Level 2”, and gaining a few levels.

I quickly remembered why I stopped playing in the first place.  It’s an addiction; point-click-repeat-click-point-heal-click-chat-heal-click-sellItem-repeat.  I already have one vice (well, maybe three), thank you very much, and I spend more than enough time with my hand-cum-wireless-prosthetic-mouse-pointer.

My doctor inocculated me against that infamous Blizzarius Virus, and now I’m free to gallivant across the real world. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Warcraft “world”…it’s just not for me anymore.

And I wish more software companies would use torrents to speed up the download process of some of their bigger packages…<cough>Xbox Live Video Marketplace</cough>


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